Brag a little

I don’t always brag about my children, sometimes I am so busy with the negatives that I don’t always see the positive.  It’s not just about them it’s the negatives of life, work, finances and just in life in general.  So sometimes we forget the good and the positive even in our children.

And so many times I wish I was part of the animal world so I could eat my young but shame they are really good kids.  And there are many positives and many good things to brag about.

They are home, they are each in their rooms studying; well one of them is, the other might be watching TV with the book on his lap. They are respectful, religious, well behaved teenage boys.  They are very funny and loving. 
And many people find them quiet but actually they talk a lot.  I like to drive them to school and pretend to listen to the radio and instead listen to them.  The stories of what happens in an all boy school is unbelievable, sometimes funny and other times shocking!

So today I am thankful, grateful and proud of the two boys in my house.  You two are beautiful & gorgeous (like me) intelligent (like dad – hate admitting that) and I’ll brag about you again soon and more often. 

In this picture are all my kids ‘any good friend my son has is also a child of mine’ 

My boys & my other children 

love you lots and lots like jelly tots 

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