Italy. My dream, my holiday and my adventure

Beautiful Italy!

Pasta and  pizza, ciao bella and whistling men, beautiful women, arches and art, gelato and fountains, columns and statues, Romans and centurions, silk scarf’s and ties, the country side and cheese, museums and religion…Italy is all this and more. Italy is all about history, dreams, making wishes and romance.

It was a childhood dream one that I was sure would not materialise.   I learnt about Mussolini at school and watched mafia movies with my dad and read about Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci and the dreams of visiting Italy were just dreams… 
Even when my sister moved to Italy I always thought she’d come back long before I ever got the chance to visit the country.  But last year in May I embarked on an adventure, and I call it an adventure because I got to do it with a friend.  It was not a normal family holiday.  It was an escape from reality from family responsibilities , school lunches, home work, house work and my full time job.  I was a tourist in Italy with my BFF.

You don’t really need to speak the language, most people speak enough English to help you, you need lots of money, a good pair of shoes a map and a good friend.  Oh yes if you have a driver like ours that would also help.  He was just like the movie ‘fast and furious’ a wannabe formula one driver.  Got us everywhere safe and sound never got lost and even drove from Milan to Rome  (he hates Rome).  I was in Rome so yes I got to see the Sistine Chapel and lots lots more!!

In a very short story told in pictures – this is our adventure in Italy.  I wish I could say this here with the hand gesture and the accent 🙂 

In Milan – Windowsills with flowers everywhere and the Milan Cathedral (Duomo) 

still in Milan
Piazza del Duomo – La Galleria – turning the heel of your shoe on the bull, this is so you are guaranteed to come back to Milan.  The poppy fields so beautiful

in Pisa the leaning tower is truly beautiful and in Rome St. Peter’s Basilica

in Rome
Inside the Colosseum just unbelievable how it stands after so many years, built for gladiators contests.  The remains are proof of grandeur and cruelty. 

Fontana di Trevi another beautiful must see, there are many fountains in Italy but this one has something special, a sort of romantic air…

in Florence
Basilica Croce and replica of David.  The family _ Giancarlo (aka GC our driver), Carla (crazy sis with Leo in tummy), Nathalie (my BFF) and Andrea (my nephew)

in Venice – the Rialto Bridge

I left these for last because this was really the highlight of my trip.  My dream to one day see the Pieta of Michelangelo – this was in St Peter’s Basilica in Rome.  The photo does not do it justice, absolutely beautiful!

inside the Vatican Museum in Rome – not knowing what to expect and after seeing so many different pieces of art, this came as a total surprise and was my favorite room of the museum.  Raffaello’s Room – painting on the wall 

the last thing we saw before leaving the Vatican Museum was the Sistine Chapel.  In history class this was the only part that did not make me sleep the story of how Michelangelo painted the ceiling.  Pictures are not allowed and this is the best illegal photo I have of the famous ceiling and the finger of God giving life to Adam

ah the very very best for last.  This evening was one of the last ones in Milan and after finishing a pizza each we shared some laughs and still had an appetite to share sweet Italian delicacies and little Andrea my gorgeous nephew enjoyed a mouth full 🙂

So much more to share and so many memories, Itlay is an amazing little country with so much to see.  So many amazing experiences we had, best pizza and gelato!  Wish I could go back some time soon *sigh* 

Ciao Bella Italia

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