July 1993

What happened in July 1993?

An earthquake hit Hokkaido, Japan. 
Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical ‘Sunset Promenade’ opens in London.
Jurassic park was released and it would be a movie my kids would watch some years later.   
It was in July 1993 that the date for South Africa’s first non-racial democratic elections was announced (27 April 1994). 
Marcio was born.

On Monday, 12 July 1993 – I was on my way to Mary Mount Maternity.  That was the day my first son Moo was born. 

Minutes after being born
I know all moms think their babies are beautiful, but mine was absolutely gorgeous!

Moo is 18 years old today!
He’s got his learners and is taking driving lessons.  He is in matric and applications for universities are being filled along with bursary applications *keeping fingers crossed*.

I can’t believe how fast 18 years have flown, you come home with your first baby and bundle of joy and there are a million milestones ahead…sitting up, the first tooth, the first steps and the first real words.  The first day of school!  
his temper tantrums are still similar to this one 
And then somewhere in-between it all stops and things just happen with no big fuss.
It’s like time stops for a while although they are growing up and you are most certainly getting older. Life happens all around you and things go un noticed for a while.  Then it hits you like a bomb!  

Those milestones are back.  Your son is in high school and before you know it he is in his last year of school and ready to enter the world of ‘young adult’.  
That’s where we are at the moment.  Of course I’m not ready for it.  My heart is sore at the thought that he might go and study in Cape Town only about one thousand kilometres away.    
I am scared of the day he takes the car out on his own.  And let’s not talk about girls.  My heart is in my throat and there’s a knot in my tummy thinking about that first day at varsity on his own. 

Yuks that’s when you realise just how old you have become, when your children are young adults. 

This is my boy –
Hardworking, shy, giant, quiet, determined, motivated, dreamer, soft spoken, stubborn, cheeky, loving, sensitive, handsome, emotional, sense of humour, religious, genius ….
He’s the apple of my eye and my Moo. I wish he was still a little boy.  I love him. 

He is still my baby
lots and lots o’ love from mom

3 thoughts on “July 1993

  1. So I finally read your blog and my eyes are filled with tears..Just reading your piece on Marcio, such memories that are to be treasured for ever. I can't believe that little baby is 18 and going to varsity. So proud of you for starting a blog. You have such a manner of writing and expressing your feelings, that we could be in the same room chatting. Love it. Please don't stop

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